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anxiety and panic treatment

What is anxiety?
Anxiety is an unpleasant feeling of nervousness that everyone experiences occasionally. It can be triggered by a variety of situations. E.g. you may feel anxious attending a job interview, learning to drive, giving a speech, meeting someone new or joining a group. Alternatively, you may find other aspects of life anxiety-provoking, such as socialising in general, being in confined spaces, coping with heights or encountering certain animals.

Why do we experience anxiety?
Anxiety is a natural emotion that functions to keep you safe. It rouses you into a more alert and aware state and gives you the energy you may need to avoid or escape from potential danger when encountering risky situations. 

What does anxiety feel like?
When you are suffering from anxiety, you may find it hard to concentrate or to sit still. You may even feel agitated in your body or in your mind.

What happens to the body when you’re anxious?
The following sensations can all be signs of anxiety:

Anxiety can also appear as a more persistent and general feeling of worry and unease. This ongoing feeling may cause problems in your life, impacting your relationships, work, health and finances.

Is anxiety becoming a problem for you?
Signs that anxiety has become problematic may include the following:  you are finding it difficult to process new information; you’re not responding appropriately to situations or people in your life, or you are starting to avoid activities/people you previously enjoyed engaging with.

Intense anxiety and panic
When anxiety builds up, you may find that your breathing becomes shallower and faster. This can trigger a range of other sensations, such as:

Because intense anxiety is so distressing, you may start to avoid situations that bring it on. This response can limit your enjoyment of life because it prevents you from trying new things or facing certain situations.

Take control and learn to manage anxiety and panic with Christine Bolstad and the team at Inner West Therapy Centre.

It IS possible to manage and control your anxiety. Therapy can help you deal with anxious feelings and thoughts so that you no longer feel controlled by them. Understanding how these feelings and thoughts developed can be an important step along the way to regaining control and peace of mind.

Christine works by building a trusting, supportive relationship with you and helping you build awareness of your feelings and thoughts and develop strategies to deal with them.

With an empathetic, thoughtful approach, based on decades of practical and theoretical expertise, Christine can help you to be more in control of your responses to the world.

Start your recovery journey today.
Contact Christine from Inner West Therapy Centre today on 9569 7433.

Stay up to date regarding latest training courses click here