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depression treatment

What is depression?
Depression is characterised by persistent feelings of discouragement or hopelessness. You may be asking yourself ‘what’s the point?’ or wondering how, or why, you should keep going. It may feel as if it’s all too hard and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Feelings of guilt or worthlessness are also common and you may find that you’re eating or sleeping more, or less than is normal for you. Another indicator you may experience is losing interest in life or not enjoying things you previously found rewarding.

Why do we experience depression?
Depression can be a ‘normal’ response to an ‘abnormal’ situation. Many life experiences, such as trauma, can trigger depression.

Therapy helps you understand and manage depression
Counselling can help you learn more about your depression and develop an understanding of how circumstances in your life may have contributed to it. With the right kind of support, you can develop strategies to manage depression and learn how to enjoy life again.
Christine works by building a warm, trusting, relationship with you, assisting you to address your feelings and deal with your struggles.

With an empathetic, thoughtful approach, based on decades of practical and theoretical expertise, Christine can help you to create a more fulfilling life.

Start your recovery journey today.
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Stay up to date regarding latest training courses click here