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Grief, Loss and Transition

This is a natural process that occurs when you lose someone through death. For some, the loss of a beloved pet can be equally painful.
There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to grieve. Everyone’s experience will be different. Some common feelings include:

Bereavement is often accompanied by feelings of:

Grief can be complicated by other feelings and factors, especially if:

Grief can be a very lonely experience. Others around you may have difficulty relating or may not comprehend the nature or intensity of your feelings. They may feel it’s better to avoid discussing the loss and, not knowing how to help, may feel powerless and tend to avoid you.
Easing the pain of bereavement or mourning can extend over two years, with the first year usually proving the most painful. Grief tends to come and go. Birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions are times when a person may feel like they have just lost the loved one again. Talking about the loss is often the most effective treatment.
Loss and transition  
People experience loss throughout their lives at different times and in many circumstances. Any change or transition may cause grief:

In fact, even when you want, need or anticipate a particular life change, there can still be a sense of grief and loss, such as missing people you worked with or realising you are past the age of having children.
Christine and the team at the Inner West Therapy Centre can provide the support you need to help you cope with the pain and confusion of grief and loss. We can assist you to move toward a better future, even when it seems impossible or scarcely imaginable.

Stay up to date regarding latest training courses click here