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Trauma and post traumatic stress (PTSD): seeking treatment

Experiencing psychological trauma? You can move beyond the pain of recent, current or past trauma.

Many people feel down, lacking in energy, anxious, vulnerable, exposed, or unsure how or where to go next in life. These are thoughts, feelings and behaviours you may experience when something distressing has happened to you.

Often it’s not until the danger or crisis is over that you experience the pain of what has occurred. This may be due to what is known as trauma or depression. The two are often linked.

Recent trauma: what are the indications?
The feelings, thoughts and behaviours that you encounter after a traumatic event are often described as post traumatic stress, or PTSD. Some indications of this are:

Examples of traumatic events may include:

Trauma is an inevitable part of life; however, you can do something about how it affects you.

Examples of current or ongoing trauma
Workplace bullying, a separation or divorce, any form of violence (including domestic) – these experiences can produce similar thoughts, feelings or behaviours and can cause further distress including:

Could past trauma be affecting your everyday life?
Memories of emotional, physical or sexual abuse can produce ongoing stress that impacts you. The person or event that caused you distress may still be in your life – which can be difficult to deal with. Unresolved past trauma can haunt your present so that it feels like the trauma is ongoing.

'Just get over it'?
People may tell you to ‘just get over it and move on’. This process takes time.

Therapy IS 'getting over it'.
Therapy helps you to make sense of what has happened and gives you a safe place to grieve this pain. It is possible to re-create and rebuild your life – a life that feels safe and works for you.
Start your journey with Christine Bolstad and the team at Inner West Therapy Centre.

Christine develops a safe, warm, therapeutic relationship with you to help you address emotional distress and internal conflicts. Her empathetic, thoughtful approach will help you deal with your troubles.

Christine’s goal is to empower you, to create a sense of self-control and safety in your body, your life and in your relationships.

Using decades of practical and theoretical expertise, Christine helps you develop understanding, self-awareness and self-confidence to welcome long-lasting changes into your life.

Start your recovery journey today.
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Stay up to date regarding latest training courses click here