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Relationship Counselling for Couples and Families

Most people don’t enjoy conflict or feel comfortable about the way they may behave during a fight with someone they love. Couples can find themselves trapped in unwanted patterns of behaviour: criticising, blaming, becoming defensive, withdrawing into silence, avoiding issues or going over the same ground repeatedly but getting nowhere. Counselling can help you learn more effective communication skills and ways to resolve conflict - both of which are essential for a successful relationship.

Relationship counselling can also help individuals, including people who have difficulty finding a partner to have a relationship with.

Relationship Counselling
Couples may need to examine how or whether to take the next “big step”, such as moving in together, buying property, contemplating marriage or a commitment ceremony, or having a child. Other situations that bring people to therapy include marital distress, when one or both partners are unhappy about aspects of their relationship or when couples are considering separating. Counselling can also help people in relationships who would like to attend on an individual basis rather than bringing their partner.

Family Therapy
When one family member experiences physical or emotional pain, it is liable, one way or another, to impact on the family as a whole. As with couples, families may also end up stuck in patterns of behaviour that lead to conflict. Through supportive and respectful counselling, it is possible to change these patterns. All families are different, as are the individuals within them. Therapy can help people within families understand their own and other’s responses, and create relationships they feel loved and supported in.

Stay up to date regarding latest training courses click here